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Articulated Truck Technology

May 30, 2020

Leading provider of specialist forklifts Flexi Narrow Aisle has recently launched a in-aisle sensor’ that immediately disables a Flexi articulated truck if its chassis comes in to contact with an object, such as a pallet load, racking or rack guards within the aisle. The touch sensitive technology should prove to be extremely useful to drivers moving goods down narrow areas of the warehouse therefore enabling more products to be stored in a warehouse at any one time. Businesses can also be confident that the technology will reduce the cost of damage the problem of reckless driving causes in these areas & be more profitable as a result. Alexander James Recruiting is proud to have an organisation at the forefront of such technology within the material handling industry as one of its customers.

Source - https://mhwmagazine.co.uk/driver-friendly-lift-trucks-are-now-even-easier-to-operate.html

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