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Robotics seeing a fast increase across the Supply Chain?

June 16, 2020

Whilst millions of individuals are on furlough and some without jobs to go back to a shift may well be occurring throughout the supply chain & beyond. With reduced labor & the COVID-19 outbreak forcing measures to be put in place to prevent transmission, various types of organisations are looking at ways they can reduce human interaction and are finding robotic solutions to combat this. Bots & Sub-bots are increasingly being used for testing equipment and robots are increasing in warehouses for picking & packaging goods. With the right integration the potential for this robotics and the speed of its implementation as the world economy looks to adapt to a 'new normal' could change the face of the way we work and move goods with even the possibility of increased 'last mile robots' to deliver goods instead of humans. A survey from IDC showed 73% of its respondents expect robotics to be important to their organisation over the next three years and although robotics has yet to be consistently reliable and easy enough to setup & use this is changing rapidly. This may well see a shift from lower-skilled jobs but hopefully a move to see more positions available within Sales, Project Management, Software, Design & Service Engineering within various aspects of Automation & Robotics.

For further information please visit - https://www.iotworldtoday.com/2020/05/31/will-covid-19-accelerate-robotics-in-the-supply-chain/

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